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    Different Directions

    The Principal carries on the general administration with the assistance of highly qualified and trained Teachers, Residential Staff, Senior and Junior Co-ordinators.There are four Houses-called Doris (Red ), lvy (Green), Aubry (Yellow) and Emmanuel (Blue)- in the school, each under the supervision of House Teachers. There exists a healthy collective revalry among the House to excel in studies, games, athletics, P.T. displays, boxing, swimming and other co-curricular activities.Each House has two House Captains in the senior and junior school, who are responsible for maintaining dicipline and guiding scholars.

    They act as a liaison between the staff and the students.The School is proud of the fact that we have included moral and religious instructions in our curriculum. This is aimed at introducing students to spiritual values and the cultural heritage of the civilized world. We begin our days work with a morning Assembly which has a prayer, a reading from a religious book and a Hynmn.The staff at all times do their utmost for the educational, physical well being and spiritual, moral and cultural development of the children entrusted to them. The school expects in return the full co-operation of parents to the letter in the spirit of the prospectus.


    1. A sum of Rs. 1200/- per annum for a student standing first in class for seven consecutive years is awarded for as long as the student studies in CARMAN SHYAMPUR.

    2. A student being awarded 5 points in the I.C.S.E. Examination will be educated free of cost at CARMAN SHYAMPUR of class XI and XII (Tution Fees & Annual Charges).

    3. A student  being awarded 6 points in the I.C.S.E. Examination will be granted freeship in his/her entire tuition fee for class XI and XII at CARMAN SHYAMPUR

    4. Under privileged students are granted scholarships and may apply for the same. The selection of student for a scholarship will be at the discretion of the Board of Governors.

    5. Since the school is an Anglo Indian Minority Institution Scholarships are provided to deserving Anglo Indian and Christian pupils who may apply for the same.

    Mid Term Break

    The School organization an educational tour for boarders during this vacation and no child is allowed to remain in the school.

    Subject Combination


    Hindi or French as a second language (to foreign students)

    Social Studies i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Commercial Studies

    Commercial Application/ Computer Science Application/ Art

    The subjects offered by the School for class XI and XII are:

    1)  English – Compulsory
    2)  A choice of the following subjects : Math/ Hindi/ Art
    3)  Commerce/ Physics
    4)  Accounts/ Fashion Designing/ Chemistry
    5)  Economics/ Computer Science/ Biology

    Important Dates

    • All day
    • Las Vegas, NV 82601, US
    National Parent Involvement Day

    Our School celebrating National Parent Involvement Day on December 3.

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