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About School

Carman was founded with an amalgamation of their names i.e. Mr. Mann and Miss. Carbery in 1962, and under their guidance Carman Premnagar was established in 1987. The school caters to Day Scholars, Residential Students and Day Boarders and though each day brings with a new scenario and new challenges, yet each day as the head of this Institution dealing with staff and guardians who think alike for the betterment of the child, is a pleasure indeed.

Principal's Desk

I welcome you to the family of Carman, an Institution where there is nothing more important the well being of your child, today and always. Our founders Mr. & Mrs. I.L.G. Mann were two of a kind and yet completely apart from others you come across in day to day life. Both Mr. and Mrs. Mann were entirely devoted to imparting education and well known for adopting students as their own.

~ Mrs. Jennifer A. Kumar


Senior Co-oridnator's Desk

Learning is a process of constantly updating in an ever changing world. Children develop rapidly during this time, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. We should all strive to teach by following the child, so as to promote academic exellence and empower our students to be lifelong learners. We as a team need to make sure that the child develops all abilities, strength and morals to work hard towards achieving his dreams.

~ Mr. K.S. Panwar

Middle School Co-ordinator's Desk

Middle school teaching builds a sound foundation for young students that prepare them for the higher classes. The middle school students are young adolescents coping with the physical, mental and emotional changes that sometime put them in distress. Therefore, our job is just not the completion of syllabi but much more, so as to stabilize the teenager. We make sure that their zeal and enthusiasm is utilized in a constructive direction. We as the teachers are ever ready to forward our assistance and guidance to our students.

~ Mrs. Upasana Bhatia

CarmanSchool-Junior School Headmistress's

Junior School Headmistress's Desk

We are providing education to the students on qualitative lines; a kind of education that touches the depth and range of a curriculum, and ensures a hoslistic development of children who remain under the wings of our care and concern. I wish to thank all students and teachers for their contribution. I also thank all the parents who have been encouraging and supportive of our enviroment.

~ Miss Sudiksha Naagi

Junior School Co-ordinator's Desk

The process of shaping a child's mind and grooming the child begins at the formative years. We providing our children with a secure enviroment in which they learn good habits, to be kind. Children, when young, I have tremendous trust in us and we are the centre of their small world. They share their stories and all about their friends, I am filled with joy to hear the excited chatter emerging from their eager minds.

~ Mrs. Anu Sachdeva