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    Educational Tours 
    Educational tours are conducted every year by the school. For the personal grooming of every student not only in the phase of education confined merely to books, but also towards practical knowledge of the existing world, students are taken to various destinations. This includes various meuseums, exhibitions, etc.

    All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy, so groups of our students both seniors & juniors were sent on excursions toRajasthan, Agra, Dakpathar, Lachiwala & not to forget the farm at Kunja grant. The fun & the learning experience is uncountable. School picnics are conducted on a regular basis for the respective classes.

    Last year a trip to Shimla was conducted for the students. Approximately one hundred students joined the trip. The duration was seven days that included travelling. The trip was a success as the children enjoyed a lot. Apart from this, the school conducts a trip every year. Few of the past destinations were Agra, Mandore Garden, Mussoorie, etc.

    One of the clubs of ECA, dramatics has a taste in itself. Those interested in acting & mimic’s are welcomed in this club. Age is no bar. One can see the young kids performing on the epic “Ramayana”. Even seniors show their expertise skills in  drama in the annual function of the school. Apart from dramatics, there are other clubs for the students for their nourishment.

    This includes Western Dance, Folk Dance, Art & Craft, etc. It is upto the students’ wish to choose atleast one club in extra-curricular activities in the school.Participation on regular basis is made in the inter school competitions. Last year our students took part in the Inter School Folk Dance competition organised by the M.B.M.I School and our lads stood first.

    Christmas Day Celebrations
    Christmas Day is celebrated with great respect & glee. This year too on 25th December, 2002 Christmas Day was celebrated. Young kids of all age group participated. Plays on Christ birth were performed with expertise and proficiency. The pictures below describe it all.A gala festival surrounds the campus. Sweets are distributed to the students and the staff members.

    Carman School is blessed with one of the most picturesque cricket pitches in the valley, with its back drop of the main school building. Cricket is played all the year round. The boys are coached by Mr. A Thapa.

    Our students are seen in almost every inter school tournaments conducted by various schools. Last year our lads participated in the Inter School Senior Cricket tournament & also the Inter School Junior Cricket tournament & won by a promising margin.

    Not to forget the passion of football, Carman School is blessed with one of the most picturesque football grounds, with its back drop of the main school building. Football, too is played all the year round. The photograph on the left shows our school football team being congratulated by Mr. G.I.G Mann on the occasion of the match being played between Carman School & Cambrian Hall.

    Last year our students participated in the sub junior and junior football tournament organised by the Council Schools Association.And not to forget the Carbury Memorial sub junior football tournament organised by Carman School, Nehru Road, Dehra Dun.On the school level house matches are organised on a regular basis catering to our four houses, viz.,Doris (Red), Ivy (Green), Aubry (Yellow) and Emanuel (Blue). 

    Carman school maintains one of the most beautiful swimming pool of the region. Swimming is allowed only in the season that is favourable to the weather conditions.The pool is cleaned as and when required & is under the supervision of our experts. The Swim Team continues to go from strength to strength.

    The high standard of swimming is displayed in the swimming competition organised by the school every year. The students are coached by Mr. R. Gurung.

    Sports Day

    Every year Sports Day is organised by the school administration to provide our students a chance to show there expertise skills in various activities like Cycling, Long Jump, High Jump, Relays, Sprints, March past, etc. The chief guest addresess the school. He then carries on giving the awards & prizes to the atheltes & participants. 

    Debates & Elocutions
    Arguing, criticising, contradicting: The key skills that are taught and refined! Learning to acquire flair and eloquence to consider issues, ideas and motions transforms the Carman School Debating Team to wondrous levels of sophistication. During the year the school participated in the following various debates competitions:

    Hindi Debate organised by Cambrian Hall. Participant were Abhishek Behl & Rajneesh Joshi.

    Inter School Essay competition at Pine Hall.

    Maharaja Jodha Shamsher Memorial Inter School English Debate held at Cambrian hall.
    R.I.M.T Inter School Debate.