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    The school offers hostel facilities for boys and girls separately. For the boys, the boarding is distinguished into three segments:

    Junior dorm i.e. student up to class V.

    Middle dorm i.e. students from class VI to class IX and

    Senior dorm i.e. students from class X to class XII.

    The girls are looked after in a separate dormitory. The Principal is in direct contact with every student. The students are looked after by matrons and house masters and a trained nurse who live in the campus and looks after the schools’ infirmary. 

    Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian meals are provided. The menu includes Indian i.e. north and south, continental and Chinese preparations. The residential staff eat all meals along with the boarders. Special care is taken to provide ‘Halal‘ meat in the school mess only.Eatables sent thorough strangers or any one who the school authorities do not recognise, without an authority letter by the Parents or Guardians will not be entertained & will be disposed.

    All clothing is provided by the school and Parents are requested not to send more than 2 sets of coloured cloth along with there ward at the time of admission.

    Medical Care
    The health of our students is of utmost importance to us. The school maintains contact with specialised and competent doctors and a qualified nurse is provided for our students. Parents are informed about the progress of a childs health if he/she is confined to bed for more than three days. In an emergency the principal reserves the right to use his/her discretion to authorise required medical treatment and the use of anesthesia in the interest of a child health.

    Visiting Hours
    Parents/Guardian are requested to visit their children on holidays and other days as per the list intimated to them between 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. only No Parent will be allowed inside the campus or to meet their child/ward after 5P.M. under any circumstances. Incase of an emergency the Parents are requested to contact either the Principal or the House master.Strangers coming to visit will not be allowed to meet the boarders without an authority letters from the Parents/Guardians. Parents/Guardians coming to visit their child after the appointed time or after the office closes will not be allowed to meet their child even in the case of an emergency.

    Imprest Account
    In order to meet incidental expenses of boarder children, such as school uniforms, photos, pocket money, allowances for extra curricular activities, fetes, personal expenses for outings, an imprest as given in Appendix ‘E’ will be payable in respect of each boarder student at the beginning of the Term, in addition to Term charges. An account of expenses incurred out of his imprest will be rendered to Parents form time to time for payment. Any balance remaining in this account at the time of withdrawal will be refunded to the Parents after all dues are cleared