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    Principal’s Interview Hours:
    The Principal will be glad to meet Parents/Guardians during her/his period of interview between 9:30 A.M.. and 10:30 A.M. or at any other time by appointment. Parents are requested to note that the Principal cannot see anyone on school business on Sundays and other holidays.

    Parents and Guardians are requested to phone during interview hours only i.e. 9:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M.

    All admission forms must have three copies of passport size photographs of the child.

    Parents and Guardians desirous of meeting a Teacher with regard to the progress of their child, are permitted to do so after fixing an appointment with the permission of the Principal.

    Change of Address:
    Parents/Guardians are requested to notify the  School of any change in their address or telephone numbers.

    Note The Principal will be pleased to give any additional information not supplied in this Prospectus. 

    Passport & Residential Permits For Foreign & Overseas Students:
    Parents of Foreign and Overseas students are requested to ensure that their child/children, are in possession  if valid Passport and Residential permits from the local Registration Office. Parents will further ensure that these documents are renewed well in time. The school will NOT undertake the responsibility pf  procuring these documents.

    For any dispute or claim of whatsoever nature against the School Society, any of its employees or office bearers, the Dehra Dun Courts alone will have jurisdicition.

    Leave For Students:
    No students is permitted to leave the school unless the Parent/ Guardian calls for the child personally, or the Principal receives a written request from the Parent/ Guardians to allow the child to travel alone or to accompany a designated person.

    Pupils, who leave without due notice or whose names are struck off the rolls for unexplained reasons are, as a rule, not readmitted, but if readmitted, must pay the admission charges again.

    Refund Of Caution Money:
    The caution money will be refunded three months after the withdrawal of a child provided that there is a written request from the Patent/ Guardians and all dues of the school are settled at the time of withdrawal. Security money cannot be adjusted against pending dues of the school. If security deposit is not claimed within one year, the Parent will have not claim for the refund of security money. At the time of claiming the refund the Parent must produce the original receipt of Deposit of Caution money.

    The school is not responsible to send the security money to the Parent unless a written request to do so is submitted by the Parent.